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About Us

Hiner Roofing & Construction

In the heart of Oklahoma, nestled in the serene town of Elgin, a dream was taking root. A dream fueled by commitment, passion, and an unwavering desire to serve. This dream evolved into Hiner Roofing & Construction, a beacon of quality and integrity in the world of construction and roofing.

From Military Service to Serving Homes

Our founder, Chris Hiner, is no stranger to commitment. Serving a dedicated seven years in the Army based out of Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Chris became a pillar of strength during his tour in Iraq for Operation Iraq Freedom. This commitment didn’t just end on the battlefield; it translated into a fervent aspiration: building a legacy, brick by brick, in Oklahoma.

As a budding enthusiast at the age of 14, Chris ventured into the construction domain, keenly learning under seasoned contractors. The skills and knowledge he amassed then became the foundation stones upon which Hiner Roofing and Construction was built.

Our Value

Growing Beyond the Horizon

What started as a venture taking on small jobs transformed into a conglomerate managing expansive projects. From roofing to intricate kitchen and bathroom remodels, building extensions, and erecting new homes from the ground up – Hiner Roofing and Construction has been at the forefront of innovation and quality.

Chris’s relentless drive to elevate roofing services in Oklahoma City and nearby regions led to the company’s expansion. Now, with two pivotal locations, we are proudly serving the OKC Metro and neighboring cities, showcasing the best in roofing and construction.

More Than Just a Business

Much has transitioned since Chris’s initial roof installation in 2003. However, the core values of honesty, dedication, and impeccable quality haven’t wavered. Our commitment remains: to secure homes, build trust, and exceed expectations. Your home isn’t just a structure; it’s a sanctuary, an embodiment of dreams and memories. And at Hiner Roofing & Construction, we’re privileged to be a part of protecting your cherished space.

We’re not just about bricks and beams; we’re about heart, soul, and integrity. Each roofing project in Oklahoma City we undertake is a testament to our commitment to excellence, ensuring every homeowner sleeps soundly under a roof built with precision and care.

Our Assurance

Under the adept leadership of Christopher R. Hiner, we’ve made a pledge:

  • To consistently offer top-tier products, unmatched workmanship, and stellar services, ensuring our customers’ complete satisfaction.
  • To always uphold professionalism, earning the confidence and trust of those we serve.
  • To foster a company environment emphasizing clear communication, teamwork, and rewards for dedication.
  • And, to contribute constructively to the beautiful Oklahoma community that we call home.

Join Our Journey

As you traverse our story, we hope you glean more than just our services. It’s a tale of resilience, ambition, and the spirit of Oklahoma. We’re more than eager to be part of your story, ensuring the safety and beauty of your home. So, whether you’re considering a simple repair, a roofing replacement, or even just a chat about construction possibilities in Oklahoma City – reach out. Let’s script this journey together.

Thank you for entrusting us with your vision. We await the opportunity to serve and surprise you.

Don’t just replace your roof – replace your worries.